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[21/07/2023] TITLE UPDATE | Switchback VR Version 1.06 Now Available



  • Ruben Dijkhof

    Nice one, downloading right now. Can't wait to give it a shot!

  • James Heaps

    Hi all. This game patch is truly what I expected to begin with. This now shows off not only how good this game is, but the graphic capabilities of the PSVR2 and what it can do. I look forward to the future of VR gaming. Well done to the team and thanks for listening to the community. I am sure I speak for the majority of people when I say, game developers should take there time to perfect games before release.

  • Jerry Kean

    Thank you for everything. Your hard work is appreciated by myself especially. You guys put up with so much hate, and then you delivered. Pat yourselves on the back. Take yourselves out to dinner. Celebrate. Congrats on the release of the patch.


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